My Recent Status

Hello! I have not written anything here since October. I wanted to communicate that I am in the midst of quite the battle with COVID-19 pneumonia. I’ve now been hospitalized for a total of 34 days. My chances were not good upon entry, but I have fought with total focus of positivity, patience, no fear and zero negativity. This amazed the medical staff as they have never seen anything like this.

Taking strength today to simply stand up.

As you are aware, I’m a music man. I have played music from Spotify on my phone to my Bluetooth speaker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Friends from throughout the world have been sending Spotify playlists to me that vibrantly are tailored to me.

Myself, Shelly, our two sons, Taylor & Dylan as well as their 2 girlfriends, Michelle & Ashley spent Thanksgiving weekend at the ocean in San Diego. We all had an amazing time. We also all caught the virus. The kids shook it off rather easily. Shelly had an awful time with it, but fortunately did not have the lung issues I’ve had.

Being her caregiver and not being home is tough. She isn’t sleeping nearly enough. I ensure 7 days a week that she sleeps the nine hours her TBI requires by leaving the house with the dogs, shortly after 5 am. We go to Sunsational Coffee, right up the road. I spend 2-3 hours each day on my book (was almost finished). I stay and write until I get the “I’m up” text from Shelly. That’s the prompt I can head towards home. Where I then forget about the book until the next early morning, and focus on being the best loan officer until well past dark.

Now the dogs, Molly & Dino, miss me. Molly sleeps at the door, waiting for me. She’s up between 5 and 6. Shelly never gets enough sleep.

The first week, 21 year old Taylor & his girlfriend Michelle (Mac) came to help take care of Shelly. That was great! Now Shelly’s Mom is here to stay for the duration, which is huge help and a big relief. But with routines being the foundation for Shelly with her Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD, routines are now impossible.

I could go on and on, but will instead say; I will be back here to write a lot. Most likely after the fact. Now I invite you to follow my real-time journey on Instagram by following me @holeenchilada. Or Facebook, friend me at Bob Millsap. You can send a message saying you know me from the blog.

Thank you! We will get through this offering positivity and hope to many.

Molly came to visit today with Shelly and our other puppy Dino.

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