Ahh Life!

A year ago today I entered the hospital for a massive fight for my life.

I’ve always been keenly aware of special dates in my life and their significance. The last few mornings I have woken up even earlier than normal, unable to get back to sleep as I’ve been thinking in depth about those initial days of hospitalization.

My doctors often tell me that they never saw anyone that got as sick as I did with Covid pneumonia and survive.

My medical records show that in those first few days hospitalized that I had a “high probability of expiration overnight”.

That’s heavy.

I find that the blessings that I feel about my survival are hard to properly put into words, but the appreciation floods my heart every single day.

My life has changed.

My lungs are damaged, and I significantly feel that throughout the day and night.

The fatigue is still intense as each day wears on. Thank God for the ability to nap.

My brain struggles with focus, processing, and short-term memory.

But every day I work on improving.

When I first started walking when I got back home in February, I remember the big milestone of walking two doors down and back (with supplemental oxygen).

Now my daily morning neighborhood walk is up to over fifty minutes and right at three miles, and the balanced strength I am gaining from yoga has been amazing for my mental and physical progress.

The new me doesn’t worry about things nor really think beyond taking one day at a time. Unique perspective and life lessons allow me the grace to understand that most things aren’t worth thinking twice about.

This morning, as I hear Christmas music overhead, the Christmas spirit is beginning to feel alive inside of me.

To say that last December was rough on Shelly is such an understatement. Last night I told her that I am going to do everything possible to make sure she enjoys this Christmas season to the absolute fullest.

I’m going to absorb and enjoy the little seasonal joys more than ever.

Here I am, one year later — December 3rd….

To rejoice, Dylan, Ashley and I are celebrating tonight in a way that is most appropriate for me. We’ll be seeing Modest Mouse, one of my favorite bands, perform downtown at my favorite venue, The Van Buren.

Ahh life…..

I couldn’t be more grateful for it.

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