Shake Yourself Free — Coming Soon!

I’ve been working with my publisher, Aaron, for FIVE years now on my first book.

What a process it has been! Aaron has patiently guided and developed me throughout this detailed process. When I began, I was a novice writer with a lifetime full of impactful stories from adversity and loss. Now I am an author with a clear purpose of utilizing those stories to help others navigate their own journey.

I will be soon sharing the beautiful and vibrant cover that Dylan, our super talented son designed.

I am excited to say that “Shake Yourself Free” will be released this spring!

How Will You Overcome Tragedy In Your Life?

Facing life after loss is an ominous task. The subsequent journey will consist of many trials, revelations, and missteps in a continual evolution throughout life. There is not a straight, clear path to living after trauma.

Instead, we learn from our own experiences while gaining valuable perspectives on moving forward to a life with deep awareness and ultimate emotional recovery. This book will help guide you along this path to recovery.

  • Learn to move forward with strength, hope, and empathy by delving into a journey of multiple battles with loss and adversity.
  • Build a resilient life by approaching tragedy with honesty and vulnerability.
  • Develop clarity and gratitude from your real-life sorrow.
  • Rid yourself of the anger and fear that obstructs emotional recovery and fulfillment.
  • Advance toward positive progress with a roadmap of real-life lessons learned.

Click here for Sastrugi Press’s “Shake Yourself Free” page.

4 thoughts on “Shake Yourself Free — Coming Soon!

  1. Am so excited to read your book. You have gone through a lot in the last five years an still having a positive look at life. You worked so hard on this book I hope it goes on the Top 10 List.

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  2. 💥💥💥
    Everyone has gone through lose – especially after the past three years with Covid. All could benefit from this book and your perspective!

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