JUNE 13th

I sat down early this peaceful morning like I do most mornings, with the intention of spending time on the book that I am focusing on finishing.

But my thoughts keep shifting to the specifics of it being June 13th, so I decided to write a short blog entry instead.

I marvel at time.

How with each year it seems to go faster and faster.

Yet in other ways it stands still.

June 13th doesn’t approach with the same dread that it used to and I don’t put as much thought into the days that are leading up to it anymore.

But it still comes every year, and it still always gives me reason to pause and reflect.

The focus typically now is on how could it possibly have been so long ago.

31 years today was the last birthday that Dana celebrated on this earth. I always think about details of that day; specifically going to dinner with her parents at our favorite Mexican restaurant.

It bothers me that much of the details fade as the years pass.

It’s odd how time allows certain memories to stay etched inside your mind as if it was yesterday, while gradually washing many other memories away. In recent years I have realized that it’s not really up to us as to which memories are able to be easily recalled.

I decided to write something today for those of you that are fresher in your grief journey.

The significant days will always stay significant. No matter how busy you are. Nor how different life now may look; my experience is that these significant dates will stop you in your tracks to pause, reflect and eventually feel some gratitude.

Some years you will want to talk about it. Other years you will not.

Either way, it won’t be just a typical day.

Cherish the thoughts.

Cherish the memories.

Honor you loved one in whichever way that you see fit.

In recent years I always try to do something for myself on days like today.

It’s a way of reminding myself that I am a survivor that has come so far and that I will continue on my journey with a grateful heart.

6 thoughts on “JUNE 13th

  1. I woke this morning thinking pretty much exactly what you’ve said here. The “ Some years you will want to talk about it. Other years you will not.” is so true. I remember feeling guilt as the anniversaries came and went and I hadn’t set the day aside for pure grief. The 3 most agonizing words to hear during loss are Life Goes On. The 3 most encouraging words to hear after loss are Life Goes On. Thanks for always helping me on difficult AND not so difficult days. You are an amazing writer of helpful and healing words. Love you my dear friend.

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