Half a Year, Whole New Perspective

Half a year ago today I was admitted to the hospital, struggling to breathe.

It didn’t take long to realize that I was in a fight for my life.

I could have died, but I lived.

I stayed positive. I stayed patient. I allowed no negativity near me. I had zero fear, and I kept the music playing twenty-four hours a day.

My Mantra.
Graphics by Dylan.

I gained strength by not fearing death, and by fighting for more days with Shelly, Dylan, and Taylor.

I fed off the positive energy of staying close to my wide network of friends.

I knew I’d made it through life-changing adversity before, I had the confidence that I could do it again.

This approach helped me to live.

Six months later I am far improved, but still sick. I’m what they call a long hauler.

It’s not easy. The fatigue is like nothing I have ever experienced. I still cough, grasp for breath, and lose my voice multiple times a day, while my heart and lungs still oftentimes palpitate uncontrollably.

But I stay positive, and I thank God many times each day for still being alive.

These last six months have aged my body considerably, so I am working with exercise and eating right to help counterbalance the damage that’s been done.

I’m enjoying exercise more now than at any point of my life, and I’m excited to have just added yoga to my routine.

Lately I am in a place of quiet reflection, with a patient determination towards recovery. I have taken a short leave from work, so it’s a rare point of my life where I am not talking to many people through the day. My inner circle is smaller, closer, and tighter than it has been in years.

I struggle to multitask, and my short-term memory has issues, but my mental clarity towards healing is steady, determined, and well-focused.

I’m making sure to do those things that I love to do, but at a slower, healthy pace.

Half a year.

A whole new perspective.

I’m ready and grateful for what tomorrow will bring.


Thank you, Dylan, for the graphic. 🙏♥️😌


#positivity #patience #nonegativity #zerofear #musicismytherapy

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