An Update on My Health

I am gradually improving, but I still do have a ways to go with this long haul type of stuff.

I’m in my first month of a short term leave from work. I’m taking the time to totally focus on healing. It took adjusting to, but it has been good for me. I’m blessed that James (a loan officer friend from my office), his team and my team are taking good care of my clients for me during this period.

My biggest struggles are respiratory. I hyperventilate, which is rapid heart and lung palpitations where I get short of breath and struggle to talk. I’m happy that my coughing episodes aren’t as often, but they still are intense.

Shelly & I celebrating our 28th anniversary

The fatigue is crazy. I try to take a nap every afternoon (or I get grouchy) and I need to get to bed early (and I am up early). Brain fog is still there as I do struggle to remember things and multitask.

My visits to the cardiologist shows nothing too worrisome with the heart! Just a murmur. That’s a relief because my heart has felt weak ever since I got sick.

I see the pulmonologist regularly and he says it’s not going as quick as he’d like, but he says to keep doing what I am doing and he’s hopeful for more sizable improvements soon. He admits that there’s still little known about long term effects.

I’m enjoying exercising everyday in the sun and it seems to be helping a lot, as I am building back strength.

I’m trying to focus on the small wins and making sure to do what I love to do.

I have been going to Coachella with my oldest son, Dylan since he was 11 in 2007. I worked hard to train and prepare to make it there for our 11th time.

We made it! I paced myself while there and it was amazing.

Last week, seeing, meeting and being able to sincerely express to Morrissey what he’s meant to me was unreal. I have been a huge fan ever since I feel in love with “The Smiths” in 1984.

I was able to tell him that I was recently hospitalized for 53 days with COVID Pneumonia, and while fighting for my life I listened to his music 24 hours a day.

He was visible touched, saying, “Oh my God”, while putting his fist to his heart. He then said, “thank you”, while giving me the thumbs up.

I still can’t believe Dylan’s girlfriend, Ashley, got this perfect picture!

Expressing my appreciation to Morrissey.

Last weekend Shelly and I celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary. It seemed extra special, as I have such gratitude for being alive and able to celebrate.

We just got home from California with our pups. On this trip, I may have tried to do too much, but I do live & learn as I go. It was great seeing our son Taylor and his girlfriend Michelle (and the ocean). Last time I saw them was through my hospital window when I was fighting for my life.

Staying focused and positive is continuing to help me.

Grateful for life…one day at a time.

Celebrating at Coachella with Ashley and Dylan.
Last time I had seen Taylor was through my hospital window.

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