My Book’s Cover – Designed by Our Son

Excited to share that Shake Yourself Free was sent to the printer earlier in the week.

It’s so hard to believe that we’re finally here!

I’ve opened up my heart and soul and let it all out. There’s parts of my story that I had never yet shared before with anybody. I am cautiously hopeful that the lessons that I have learned from my roller coaster ride of a journey will be able to help quite a few people who read this book.

The final element of the book writing process has been the book’s cover. I can’t quite describe how amazing it was to work with our oldest son Dylan on this.

Dylan’s super creative and talented. I’m so proud of the successful graphic designer he’s become and I could not be prouder of Dylan’s end result for the cover. It’s so bold and vibrant, just how my life has ultimately become!

I patiently wait for the printer & distribution to do their thing….but I’ll be letting you know very soon when Shake Yourself Free will be released!

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