Nick Cave’s new album is a jaw-dropping listen for those of us who have a close relationship with grief

It’s no secret that music means a lot to me.
It’s therapeutic in a way that I can’t even begin to accurately describe.
Sometimes it enables me to remember. Other times it allows me to forget.
The deep, dark, introspective stuff has a way of speaking directly to me.
Nick Cave has been a favorite of mine for decades.
He tragically lost his teenage son 4 years ago.
Last year he penned an eloquent open letter describing the depths of loss (read here).
I don’t believe I have ever heard someone express grief so well.
Three years ago his album “Skeleton Tree” poignantly confronted death in such an emotionally dark and devastating way.
His soon to be released album “Ghosteen” is a masterpiece beyond words, with the song “Hollywood” being the most stunning of them all.
I have never listened to anything quite like it.
Find a dark, quiet place and have a listen to “Hollywood”.


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