I Rocked Coachella!

Recently I fought for my life, hospitalized for 53 days.
My son Dylan and I have been going to Coachella since he was 11 years old in 2007.
Making it to our 11th Coachella was a huge driving goal of mine,
training hard for months to make it happen….

I went to from initially fighting with all my might to simply roll over or stand up to gradually getting to the point of daily exercises and timed walks through my neighborhood, with April 22nd at Coachella in mind.

Blessed to have come far, I still struggle considerably with my breath, energy, and endurance.

But there was no way was I going to miss Coachella.

Our trips to the festival each year, shaped and inspired Dylan while he was growing up. He’s now a successful graphic designer and the style of his signature designs are greatly influenced by those days soaking in the sun and music at Coachella.

Dylan’s Desert Cabana on the festival grounds

It’s surreal for me that Dylan is now a two-time headlining artist for TRASHED Coachella, with his trash can “Desert Cabana” at the festival on the polo grounds. 

Dylan the artist

I’m so proud of Dylan and I’m so proud of myself. We made it. This accomplishment has got to be my most triumphant feeling yet.

At the festival, I paced myself, knowing my limits.

I chose a few acts that I wanted to see, rather than racing from stage to stage.

At times I’d stand close to the stage for a few songs, then sit comfortably at the ADA platform for the remainder of the set.

I took the special shuttle available for me to get from handicapped parking to the main gate.

We took it slow. I’d come to the polo grounds for 5 or 6 hours per day, rather than the 10 to 12 of years past and I only went Friday and Saturday, skipping Sunday.

I’m blessed that Dylan & his girlfriend Ashley took such good care of me at the festival, while Shelly stayed behind at the motel, taking good care of me the rest of the day. Teamwork!

Dylan, Ashley & I at the beer garden

As far as the music goes, Danny Elfman was the big highlight.

40 years ago in 1982, my first ever concert was Oingo Boingo at the Fox Theatre in Bakersfield.

Danny Elfman retired Oingo Boingo in 1995 and focused on his legendary career as a film & TV score composer.

For 27 years he never performed on stage as himself again, until this Coachella!

With both a 50-piece orchestra and an all-star rock band, he mixed Oingo Boingo songs in between The Simpsons theme, Batman, Spider-Man, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc.

Danny Elfman

It was insane! Danny Elfman and his production absolutely stole the show.

Sure, I still was fighting for my breath, but for an hour I was that Southern California kid again…singing along with my first ever favorite lead singer.

By my side in awe of it all was Dylan and Ashley (they were born the year Danny Elfman had last performed an Oingo Boingo song!).

It all brought some occasional tears from me…as music continues its healing powers.

With much work and motivation to get here, we conquered our 11th Coachella!

Never lose focus of your goals, no matter what they may be.

#goalachieved #prouddad #imalive #musicismytherapy

Coachella at night
Dylan’s name on a Coachella poster
A boost to help me breathe
Video I took of Spiritualized-next to the stage in the Sonora Tent
Shelly & I at breakfast in the Coachella Valley
We did it!

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